Welcome to Williams Photography

Hello! LeAnne and Matthew here to answer all your burning questions about us, our business,
and everything that goes into shooting your gorgeous wedding from beginning to end. 

We are a mother-son team. We know each other very well.  A look or a gesture across a quiet ceremony is all that's needed to communicate.  
Our styles are similar enough to add cohesion to your wedding photography.  
But different enough to capture the artistic side as well as the rush and excitement with a photo journalist vibe. 

Plus we really enjoy what we are doing. It’s fun for us to go to your wedding and it doesn’t feel like a “job” at all.
Once we buckle up our camera belts ; we are on a mission! There is no where else we want to be or anything else we would rather be doing. 

Before we dive into all the details of  what we offer; we want to tell you a little bit about who we areas individuals. 

LeAnne Williams
Hello! I'm the owner and lead photograher of Williams Photography.
Photography has been my career of choice for over 3 decades. 
I still feel so excited every time I shoot a wedding.
I’ve seen A LOT of love and shenangans!  I laugh, I cry happy tears, and
I grow to care deeply for my couples. 

When it comes to shooting weddings, I'm big on the details aspect of it all. I love to capture the way a bride's veil catches the light when the
wind makes it billow or the overwhelming emotion a grooms face reveals when looking at his beloved.
 I do it all but I live for those emotional close ups and otherwise less noticeable details someone else may miss. 

Mathew Harader
Hi!! A little bit about me and my background: I've been around prophotography all my life.
Thanks, Mom! 
Yet I feel found my calling while back-packing around Europe with one of my moms old cameras.
I was particularly drawn to documentary  photography.
Upon  my return; I changed course in my studies and enrolled in an intensive photography program.  
When my mother offered me a position in her studio; I jumped at the opportunity.  
There's just a certain sort of magic about an image and the art of photography in general.
 How amazing is it that we can capture one tiny little blip in time for the rest of eternity? 

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